Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Slippery Sling Back

A while ago I bought a lovely pair of BCBG MaxAzaria black sling backs. They were under $10 and a perfect addition for my working wardrobe. Unfortunately, like many sling backs, they kept slipping off my feet, making it difficult to walk. So I got my noggin in thinking mode to come up with a economical and attractive solution to my problem. These sling backs, you see, were just to attractive to give up on.

After much thought, my solution was to tie ribbons to the "sling" portion of the shoe so that I could secure them around my ankles. I first cut two long strips of black satin ribbon, long enough to tie around my ankles.  If you want to do these to a pair of your own problematic slingbacks, simply wrap the ribbon around your ankles the desired number of times to estimate the length.

Next I tied them to the "sling" portion of the shoe by making two knots.

Knot #1

Knot #2
Viola! My sling backs are now securely on my feet and they look dressed up and classy to boot. This whole solution cost me nothing, since I already had the ribbon. If you are not like me, and don't have tons of crafts supplies lying around, you can easily visit your nearest arts and crafts store or a Dollar Tree, where they have a decent selection of affordable ribbons. I have to say I am so pleased with this outcome, I will never be reluctant to buy sling backs again. :)