Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Day at the Office - Day 18

Today was a rainy and all around gloomy day.  Since the weather forecast had predicted as much, it inspired my outfit.  Bright green is such a cheery color I decided to go with that.  I didn't take my picture this morning, as is my usual routine, since I was running late.  Needless to say being tired in the afternoon is not much better than being bleary eyed in the morning (as far as appearance in photographs go).  Regardless, as this project progresses, I'm sure I'll have at least one decent picture among the bunch.  Without much futher ado here is my outfit for the day.  The shirt and pants are from New York & Company.  The vest is Carole Little and the shoes are thrifted.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off to the Office - Day 17

I've decided to dress more business like today.  I work in a wonderful, relaxed office where the dress code is pretty casual.  While that is a perk, I love to dress up, so it doesn't much apply to me most days.  Fall has definitely arrived.  The temperatures are now cooler in the morning and the evenings.  My eyes are also being treated to the changing fall color.  While I am no fan of winter, living here in the northeast, it is nice to see the seasons change.  The wonder of our planet seems to come through in full drama around the times the seasons change here.  For me fall is especially magical.  The days grow shorter, the leaves turn the prettiest hues of red, orange, yellow, and umber, and the temperature always seems just right.  The coolness in the air makes drinking coffee and tea a divine experience.  If I were to have a wedding, it would definitely be in the fall.  Just imagine all the color scheme options that would be available.  So here is my outfit for today.  The pants are from Kohls (the belt came with it).  The top is from target (I bought it several years ago).  The shoes are from Nine West.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hooray for Stripes - Day 16

Today was another ordinary day.  I have figured out how to use the tripod to take pictures so the hubs is off the hook.  I have not always been a fan of stripes, but as I have gotten older I have found a new appreciation for them.  I decided to continue the boots theme, so I am wearing boots today with my outfit as well.  This is another clothing item I now fit into well.  I feel like I can go shopping in my closet now for outfits, since I fit into more stuff.  I don't remember where I got the dress but it is fairly old.  The tights are Anne Klein (from DSW) and I got the shoes at Burlington Coat Factory.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2 - Day 15

Well it is finally boots season.  I love boots.  My husband says I look silly in them since I am so short (I vehemently disagree).  I got into a minor fendor bendor this morning (I stopped at a yellow light and the person behind me ran into me).  That put a damper on the day.  Add to that the dreary weather.  Regardless, I have resolved to not let it upset me.  The accident could have been worse, and the rain could be coming down harder.  Besides, this is the kind of weather that it is ideal for boots.  Here is my outfit for today.  The dress is from Ross.  The tights are from Charlotte Ruse and the shoes are Ralph Lauren (from DSW).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dress Up Day - Day 14

I didn't go anywhere today since it was raining and cloudy.  As a result I don't have a outfit to post tonight.  However, given the dreary weather I decided to play dress up.  The hubs was off doing his own thing, leaving me with ample time to try on different clothes and take pictures to my hearts content.  I love formal clothing.  Unfortunately I don't very many opportunities to wear them.  My formal clothes have been sitting in my closet collecting dust, so I decided to pull them out, dust them off, and spend some time feeling pretty.  I have two types of formal clothing that I equally love.  The first is western formal clothes and the second is saris.  I looooove saris.  If I could I would wear them everyday, I would.  Alas, like my beloved evening gowns, they too collect dust in my closet.  Well the first set of pics are my favorite evening formal wear.

I got this dress many years ago.  I tried it on in the dressing room and it was love at first sight.  I think I might have worn it once to a broadway musical.  It is a Jessica McKlintock number and I am just waiting for the right occasion to don it again.  This qualifies as my favorite evening dress of the ones I own.

This dress is one I bought at a consignment store.  It is one of those black timeless pieces that never go out of style.  I just love the cut of this dress.  I haven't had the chance to wear this yet, but hopefully that will change in the near future.  The dress is by Tahari, a brand that seems to always make really well designed clothing.


I bought these two beauties at H&M.  They are fun and pretty and can be worn out on the town or at a more formal even.  The purple one I love because it is lace and speaks to my inner goth.  The green one is fun and simply adorable.  I haven't worn them yet, but chances are good they will worn before my other formal pieces.

As I mentioned before, I love saris.  They are my favorite type of clothing.  If I had the option, I would wear saris all the time.  The saris that I have the most fondness for are traditional silk saris.  This sari is a traditional number from southern India.  It is black and has green and maroon as the complimenting colors.  I have worn this once, and it is among one of my favorites.


My mother in law gave me this sari when I got married.  It is very intricate and shiny.  It too is silk.  I am not sure what region of India this is from, but I love this color and this is also in favorites pile.

This is my favorite sari.  It is the sari I got married in.  This is a Veranasi sari.  Veranasi is famous for there saris (among other things).  This type of sari is characterised by intricate work in gold woven into silk.  Back in the day this is the type of stuff royalty and the elite wore.  The artisans who make these works of art pass on their skills to their children who carry on the art form.  Unfortunately, with globalization the demand for this type of garment has gone down and many of these artisans find themselves in destitution.  I am saddened by this sort of thing and so now when I buy or gift saris I make it a point to buy the ones that are still made by artisans.  The world will be less rich a place if this art form is no longer practiced.

I had pictures of other saris and dresses, but they didn't come out as nicely, so they didn't make the cut for the post tonight.  Well, I feel refreshed and am ready to start another week.

Another Beautiful Weekend-Day 13

I know that it is technically Sunday, but I am going to pretend that it is Saturday for the purposes of this post.  Today was absolutely beautiful.  We went to a the helicopter museum, they were having a summer festival.  The hubs got to ride in a helicopter, so that was fun for him.  I have two outfits today: one for the helicopter event and another for a party we went to this evening.  The evening outfit was last minute, since my initial outfit had a wadrobe malfunction issue (the zipper kept getting stuck).  This was annoying since we were already running late.  Anyway, it all worked out at the end.  The first picture: the top is from Target, the shoes are from DSW, and the skirt is very old and I don't remember where I got it.  The party outfit: the dress is old and I don't remember where I got it, the shoes are from ROSS, the belt is thrifted, the earings are from Kohl's, and he necklace is Mikimoto.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday......-Day 12

Finally, the end of the week has arrived.  This morning was met with some drama thanks to the hubs.  Initially I had on a lighter cotton top, but Mr. Fashion police knocked that down and insisted on something with more contrast.  In my bleary eyed state, my last minute decision making resulted in this green velvet number (velvet is among my favorite fabrics).  Mind you it was 90 degrees today.  Oh, what one will do for the sake of matching.  I must say I am really enjoying this little exercise.  I have begun to look forward to my evenings on the computer typying away about some random thing.  So here is my outfit for today.  The top is volume (I don't remember where I got this, it was over 5 years ago).  The skirt is thrifted (Anne Klein).  The shoes are Ralph Lauren (from DSW).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Purple, the Color of Kings- Day 11

It has been said that purple was a favored color among royalty.  I can certainly see why, it is a color that is both mysterious and elegant at the same time.  It is a color that flatters everyone and it comes in may hues and shades.  As you have probably already guessed, my outfit today has a lot of purple.  I have been wanting to wear this top for some time, but it didn't fit.  Now that I have lost some weight, it fits perfectly!  So without further delay here  is my outfit.  The top and skirt are thrifted.  The shoes are Madden Girl (from DSW).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ah, to be 5 again- Day 10

Ok, first a disclaimer: I am not especially fond of the color pink.  However, today I made an exception.  I love this skirt.  It is pretty, flowy, and has beads sewn in.  The top is a bubble gum pink, the kind of color that appeals to five year old girls.  Together, they make a happy outfit.  It was 90 degrees today, and tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same.  I love it, I hope the this weather lasts just a bit longer.  The skirt and top are thrifted.  The shoes are from DSW and the jewelry is made by me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Ode to the Edwardian Era- Day 9

As I was picking out my outfits for this week, I discovered that I own alot of black clothing.  So the theme for this week is to wear clothing that is not black.  Only black accesories allowed.  Today's outfit was inspired by the Edwardian era.  I love old things, and I especially love the clothing of the Victorian and Edwardian period.  I love the lace, the rich fabrics, the craftsmanship, and the formality.  We don't have enough places to dress up and feel pretty anymore.  It's a shame, because as women living in a society where every female image is retouched, we are in dire need of situations to feel beautiful.  So here is my out fit for today.  The pants are from Kohls.  The shirt is Limited, but it is thrifted.  The blazer is also Limited, and I don't remember where I got it.  The belt is from Express, and the shoes are BCBG.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 2-The fall chill is in the air: Day 8

I don't what happened today, but I seemed to have gotten out of bed a bit discombobulated.  It took me two tries to button my shirt this morning, and two cups of coffee to get to a level of alertness that typically takes only one.  I'm feeling more energized now and for the most part the week has started off well.  I like this outfit today, primarily because red is my favorite color.  I think I bought the shirt at Kohls.  The pants are from the GAP, the shoes are from Ross, and the belt is thrifted.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

End of Week 1- Day 7

Today was yet another beautiful day.  A reminder of why I love summer.  We spent the day running errands, as usual.  I couldn't get to post until late today because I was up cooking (I'm trying very hard to develop some domestic skills).  The weekend felt short, perhaps this was a result of the lovely weather.  My outfit today comes with a bit of nostalgia.  This skirt was a gift from my husband, back in the days when we were still dating.  It was one of the first things he gave me.  It certainly made a good impression.  Thou it is starting to look tired, I just can't get rid of it.  I am of the sentimental variety and have trouble getting rid of things with great emotional value.  I can't remember where I got the top, it is several years old.  The shoes are Sketchers and I bought them at DSW.

Another Perfect Day- Day 6

Today was another perfect day: sunny, 75 degrees, and clear.  We ran errands today primarily.  I have been motivated enough by this endeavor to not dress like a slob this weekend (typically I dress like a slob on the weekends).  My husband liked this outfit, so he was more enthusiastic about taking the picture.  So without further ado, here it is:  The dress is thrifted (Banana Republic), the shirt is from Old Navy, the shoes are from DSW, and the jewelry is from India.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 5 - So glad it's Friday

I am glad the week has finally ended.  It has been so hectic at work this week, the weekend is a welcome break.  Today's outfit is different shades of brown.  I look terrible in this picture, so I apologize.  My husband felt rushed this morning.  I found this skirt at a thrift store and just fell in love with it.  It has brown embroidery all over it.  I loooove embroidery (and lace, and silk, and velvet).  I think I lived in the Edwardian period in my past life.  I seem to be attracted to the things that were popular back in those days.  One thing I will say for this season of clothing: elegance has finally come back in style.  Alot of the clothes this season are timeless cuts and flattering.  It will be lovely dressing up this fall.  Well here is the outfit.  The shirt is from H&M ($5 clearance), the shoes are from Burlington Coat Factory, the blazer is Tahari (I think I bought it Marshalls), and the skirt is thrifted.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 4

I got home late today since I went to a meeting for a community supported agriculture organization I belong to (the best decision I have made since moving here).  The meeting ran long and it was interesting to see the challenges that non-profit local food groups have.  There is something to be said to being part of a group of people committed to a cause.  I rather enjoyed the meeting, it was fruitful, but not work related.  It is too bad the my one hour commute (each way) limits this type of thing.  I long for the day when I can just walk out of my house and walk to work.  Seeing as I live in the suburbs, this is more a fantasy than something that will ever become a reality.  In the mean time I suppose I'll just have to make time.  Nothing is worth having if there wasn't some struggle to earn it I guess.  Anyway, this is my outfit for today.  I love the sweater vest thing.  The shirt is from H&M ($5 at the clearance rack), the skirt, shoes, and sweater vest are thrifted.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The hint of a slight chill welcomes fall- Day 3

The weather has had a distinct chill these last few days, hinting that summer has come to an end.  Still, I can't help but try to hang on to summer just a little bit longer.  Hence the outfit for today.  Despite the long sleeved top, the skirt reminds me of summer with its plethora of multi colored roses.  This is one of my favorite skirts and I wear it spearingly in the fear that I will damage it somehow.  Today was yet another beautiful day.  I bought tickets to Europe for November yesterday.  One of my mother's dreams is go to Europe.  My father had promised her such a trip, but passed away before he could fulfill that promise.  Since that horrible day I have been planning to complete the promise that he couldn't.  The opportunity didn't present itself until now.  It is afterall the least I can do for her as her daughter.  Well that's enough of my rambling.  Without further ado, here is my outfit for today.  The skirt is thrifted.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 2

Well, here is my outfit today.  It is a red safari inspired number.  This came with a fabric belt, but I thought the black belt would change things up a little.  I had a good day at work (I got some recognition on work I had been doing for almost a year) and the day was perfect both in terms of the weather and temperature.  Sometimes things come together in just the right way.  Those are the moments to savor, they don't come often enough.  My husband has been taking my pictures in the morning before I head off to work (hence the bleary eyed look) and finds this exercise amusing.  I bought the dress at K&G and the shoes at Ross, the belt is thrifted.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Projects to Keep Life Interesting

I having been thinking alot recently about the current state of affairs in the world and trying to find some meaning in my small corner of it.  So I have decided to wear a different outfit everyday to work from my existing wardrobe to see how long I can go without repeating what I wear.  As a society whose economic system relies heavily on consumption, we Amercians have alot of stuff.  Books, clothes, shoes, purses, toys, dishes, you name it, we have it.  Some of us have so much of this stuff that we find ourselves renting space outside of our homes to try to store it all.  I am hoping this experiment will teach me to a) appreciate what I have, b) unleash my creativity, and c) demonstrate that even someone living an ordinary middle class American life is wealthier than most other human beings on this planet.  I don't know if I will get all this meaning by doing this silly thing, but learning to love what you have is something we should probably all try to strive for a  little bit more.  So with that, here's a picture of what I wore today.  On a side note, the lace top and jewelry are the only items in this outfit that were not thrifted.