Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday......-Day 12

Finally, the end of the week has arrived.  This morning was met with some drama thanks to the hubs.  Initially I had on a lighter cotton top, but Mr. Fashion police knocked that down and insisted on something with more contrast.  In my bleary eyed state, my last minute decision making resulted in this green velvet number (velvet is among my favorite fabrics).  Mind you it was 90 degrees today.  Oh, what one will do for the sake of matching.  I must say I am really enjoying this little exercise.  I have begun to look forward to my evenings on the computer typying away about some random thing.  So here is my outfit for today.  The top is volume (I don't remember where I got this, it was over 5 years ago).  The skirt is thrifted (Anne Klein).  The shoes are Ralph Lauren (from DSW).

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