Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off to the Office - Day 17

I've decided to dress more business like today.  I work in a wonderful, relaxed office where the dress code is pretty casual.  While that is a perk, I love to dress up, so it doesn't much apply to me most days.  Fall has definitely arrived.  The temperatures are now cooler in the morning and the evenings.  My eyes are also being treated to the changing fall color.  While I am no fan of winter, living here in the northeast, it is nice to see the seasons change.  The wonder of our planet seems to come through in full drama around the times the seasons change here.  For me fall is especially magical.  The days grow shorter, the leaves turn the prettiest hues of red, orange, yellow, and umber, and the temperature always seems just right.  The coolness in the air makes drinking coffee and tea a divine experience.  If I were to have a wedding, it would definitely be in the fall.  Just imagine all the color scheme options that would be available.  So here is my outfit for today.  The pants are from Kohls (the belt came with it).  The top is from target (I bought it several years ago).  The shoes are from Nine West.

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