Monday, April 11, 2011

80 degrees!

I have been crazy busy and as a result my posts have suffered.  I have captured all my outfits on flickr, so if anyone wants to look at my outfits they will find them all there.  It is month seven or so I believe, and I am almost nearing the end of my experiment.  I have cheated a little bit, but I tried to keep any purchases I made of the thrift store variety.  If you read this blog, you probably know that I enjoy thrifting.  For me it is all about the thrill of the treasure hunt.  I don't do it regulalry, but when I do I like to purchase quality pieces that I can wear or enjoy for many years.  My favorite things to thrift are accessories, like purses, and clothing items made of high quality fabrics, like silk.  The problem with high quality fabric is the dry cleaning bill.  Needless to say, my dry cleaning bill would be through the roof, given all the items I have thrifted over the last couple of years.  Needing to curb this, I decided to try a little experiement.  I washed my dry clean only clothing in cold water like my other laundry.  Then instead of putting them in the dryer, I ironed them while wet.  Viola! I have clean clothes, that look great, without the dry cleaning bill.  Admittadly, this trick won't work for all dry clean clothes (suits for example).  Certain dresses with complicated stitching is probably better off at the dry cleaners as well.  That being said, I think most items are fair game.  Today's outfit is 100% thrifted. The shirt is from The Limited, the skirt is Anne Taylor Loft, and the shoes are BCBG.

80 Degrees!

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  1. I like this tip. I too thrift all of my clothes and love nice fabrics and labels, which are often receive the "Dry Clean Only" rating. Maybe it's a fashion/dry cleaning business conspiracy. ; ) Anyway, your idea follows that of the care instructions I found for scarves. So far, I have ruined one scarf as the colors bled into one another this same cleaning technique has worked on about six scarves thus far.