Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Avert a Wardrobe Malfunction

I ended my experiment two weeks ago (end of April) and have to say it has been a great experience.  The purging of my closet has begun and I can't wait to be done with thinning out my wardrobe.  This whole experience has taught me to value what I have, be creative in what I wear, and most importantly: to have fun!  I have also discovered how much I enjoy thrifting.  Part of what has made this last 6 months or so, so much fun is being able to wear all my thrifted items.  I love the idea of thrifting: it is eco friendly, it is local, and the dollars raised usually helps a good cause.  Since I have always enjoyed treasure hunting and bargain shopping, thrifting really is the ideal way to shop for me.  I have decided that this year I am going to make an effort to purchase clothes and accessories from thrift or consignment stores at least 85% of the time.  I am also going to start sewing again.  I used to do this on a regular basis, but with my sewing room in total disarray, I haven't been doing any sewing.  Which brings me to the topic of this post.

I wore a skirt I recently thrifted at my local thrift store to work today.  Only to discover that it was way too big with a high probability for a major wardrobe malfunction.  Unfortunately, this discovery came about as I was walking to my place of work.  Realizing I needed a quick, no-sew solution, I put my noggin to work and came up with this (you will need two heavy duty paper clips for this solution):

The Problem

The Solution.....
The back of the skirt

Fold left side to make a faux dart

Clip with heavy duty paper clip

Repeat on right side

The faux darts are ready

The finished product
Cover with top (shhh.. no one has to know :))

Viola! Wardrobe malfunction averted.
Needless to say I went straight to the office supples closet, picked up two paper clips then headed for the bathroom and fixed my skirt.  I wore this all day long without any issues, and the skirt looks well fitted.  As for where I got this lovely ensemble: top is from Target, skirt is ICE, and shoes are bebe.

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