Friday, August 5, 2011

First Week on the Job

My first official week at the new job is over and I'm still feeling good about it.  I have gotten to know my boss and his sarcastic demeanor seems like it will be a good fit.  In addition to his sarcasm, he also used to work for my old employer and knew my work father.  Which only confirms that one should never burn their bridges at their former place of employment.  I am already working on a project doing some writing, a great thing, since it is one of the reasons I joined this shop.  I am looking forward to the next few months as I get more involved with things.  The work seems interesting and challenging, both great things to keep the mind stimulated.

There are also other stylish women in the office who share a fondness for shoes, another sign from the God's this is totally where I needed to be :).  Today I wore one of my favorite dresses.  This green and black Nine West number fits like a glove and the pattern is just fantastic.  I paired it with some Jessica Simpson heels, chosen by the fashionista in this household: the Mr.


  1. I love the dress. It does fit you perfectly. I'm glad you're enjoying your new job.

  2. Wow, that is such a great print! And the shoes. Yum...

    And glad you're enjoying your new job. Work is almost fun when you like what you're doing & the people are entertaining, huh?!

  3. You look so cute, that dress looks great on you and I like the fun print. The shoes are a great choice!

  4. Congratulations on a successful first week! It's wonderful to hear you are doing something you love at the new job. So many people hate what they do!! How awesome that your husband helps you pick outfits. That's a very good man to have. :-D You two put together a winning combination!