Monday, August 1, 2011

New Month, New Job

First days can be both nerve racking and scintillating.  Fortunately, mine was only scintillating.  I had a charming first day, everyone was warm, welcoming, and my boss and I seem to be a good fit (this is critical to success on the job).  It is always nice when at the end of the first day, especially at a new job, one feels that they made the right choice.  I definitely feel like I did.  While I don't have a big picture window (you can't have it all), the office spaces are well designed and let in a lot of light.  My colleagues from my former job are also present to help make this transition a seamless one.

Every job one has is a growth opportunity.  It is a chance to learn something new, as well as grow professionally.  A new job makes for a clean slate and thus the potential for better career possibility.  While I am not an optimistic person by nature, my last two jobs have provided me with great experience to evolve on a professional level, and as a result ensure I won't make the same mistakes in this career chapter.  Looking back I realize that my most valuable experiences have been mistakes.  Mistakes offer the opportunity to learn something new as well as a chance at self-improvement, a two-for-one deal.  It may sound counter intuitive,  but the errors in your life are the most valuable for the next time around.  This is especially true on the job front.

This is the week to savor all the goodwill and possibility that goes with the early weeks of a new job.  I will need to remember this moment when times get tough, because they always do.  Until the rough patch, it's time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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