Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Professional Adieu

Farewells are always difficult, whether they are professional or personal.  Today marked the end of another chapter in my life as I said goodbye to my colleagues.  I have had a good 2.5 year run.  My work father gave me a big bear hug and was happy with his wine and chocolate.  My boss loved her gift and said it was thoughtful and fitting because she entertained alot.  I was also treated to a lovely lunch.  This is the way I wanted to leave: happy.  I am touched by how many people have told me they enjoyed working with me.  Hermits always assume no one cares about their existence.  One colleague said he learned alot from me, that is always an amazing thing to hear when one is just starting out in their career.  While it was hard, it felt right.

I am a big believer in saying goodbye the right way.  Why? Because it may be the last time you say goodbye.  Farewells are important.  They bring closure, peace, and comfort when tragedy strikes (all of us will experience tragedy).  A good farewell, especially in the work world, requires some planning.  Despite the lack of attachment associated with work, people still need time to process loss.  Even if that loss is an employee at the bottom of the organization who has decided to move on (like me).  So give your adieu a week in advance.

Then there is what to say.  Heartfelt, genuine, and positive are the themes that should come through in a written goodbye, no matter how unhappy you are.  Remember, you might cross paths again. Finally, there is the goodbye you give to those that you truly will miss.  That is the hardest of all.  Fortunately in the work world, an end to a work relationship opens the door to a personal one.  As I start the next chapter in my career, I am most looking forward to the new personal relationships that come with a professional adieu.  A top notch goodbye guarantees opportunities for life long friendships.

My last outfit....A little nostalgia from the college years.

Dress: From my college days (over 10 years ago)
Shoes: Madden Girl
Earrings: Self made


  1. I know that must have been a tough day. But I love how you focus on the positives. Friendships that endure after the end of the working relationship are the true ones!

    Looking forward to reading about your first day at the new job soon! :)

  2. just found your blog
    love it!

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    Would love to have you as a follower.

  3. Sounds like it went well, Sunduri. You must be so excited about your new job. And the dress looks great & still fits; great!

  4. Wise words dear :) Cute dress! xo

  5. We are both saying Goodbyes right now, although yours is much more important. Good luck with your new adventure. Thanks for being so sweet!

  6. Best of luck going into the new job!

    That dress is just wonderful. Stripes look stunning on you!!