Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Anticipation of EBEW

I missed the last EBEW challenge, which was lace.  boo :(.  This time I decided to be proactive and wear the outfit early so that I can link it in time.  In general, I am not  the biggest fan of yellow.  However, I am finding that the sunny disposition color is more needed in my wardrobe, given the increase in frustrating days I'm experiencing.  I find that yellow is indeed a mood enhancing color.  The outfit I'm wearing is old.  The top, skirt, and shoes are minimally 3 years old.  The skirt is actually too big for me. I had put darts in a while ago, but it is still loose.  No matter, it fits well enough to wear in public, the only thing that counts.

The jewelry I'm wearing today is a set I made.  I adore jewelry.  Unfortunately, that adoration only applies to silver, gold, and platinum.  I think this is likely due to the fact that I am allergic to metals that are not one of those three.  Makes for expensive gifts for the hubs to get me :).  Anyway, I started jewelry making as a hobby.  (I thoroughly enjoy hobbies of all kinds.)  With work and life being as hectic as it has been, not to mention my disorganized house, I haven't done much lately.  I thought I would start wearing some of the pieces I like the most.  No point leaving them in the jewelry box to gather dust.  This is one piece where I am pleased with the outcome, so I thought I would share it with all of you.  Let me know what you think.  Once the craft room is done, I can start doing my hobbies again. :)

Earrings: Sterling silver
and swarovski crystals

Necklace: Sterling silver, rose quartz drops, freshwater pears,
and swarovski crystals
EBEW Outfit
Skirt: Arden B
T-shirt: don't remember
Shoes: Target
Earrings and Necklace: Made by me

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