Friday, July 1, 2011

Feeling Ethnic

The July 4th weekend is here!  It will be nice to have three days off (I have work unfortunately).  We are thinking of  going to the beach.  I have a ton of projects around the house that need to be completed (tiling the kitchen floor, finishing my sewing room, staining the front door, etc.).  The Mr. is not very handy, so its all on me.  I can never seem to find the motivation to get my DIY home improvement projects completed.  I'm hoping this will be the weekend.  Anyway, I wore something a bit ethnic today.  I haven't  worn this top or shoes in forever, so I thought I would let them have their moment of glory.  The top and shoes are from India, I love the gold detail.  I am wearing jeggings I bought on our recent trip to Rehoboth Beach.  They are from the Express outlet store.  Let me take a moment to express my frustration at finding clothes that fit.  I am a petite person (if you can't tell from my photos).  I am about 5'1" and 100 pounds (on weeks I don't eat crap).  Which essentially means everything is too big or too long and sometimes both.  This makes the shopping experience frustrating to say the least.  I was not always this small, my weight loss has just made it more annoying.  So, since all my jeans are too big, this lovely number works well.  I have finally found the confidence to wear shape hugging clothes and things in mini form.  So while this newfound confidence lasts, I am taking full advantage and wearing all things skin tight and short :).

Top: India
Jeggings: Express Outlet
Shoes: India (gift)
Belt: Thrifted
On the career front, the initial feedback from the interview was positive.  It remains to be seen if that will turn into a job offer.  No worries though, my boss informed me I am likely get promoted next week (she needs approval from the powers that be).  Sometimes the universe just works in your favor.  Since that is rare for me, I am enjoying this moment while it lasts.  Whatever happens, I am confident it will work out for the best.

The terra cotta veggie garden is doing well.  There was a little hiccup in that I noticed that something was chomping on my buds (my money is on the bunnies I see hopping in the yard).  I bought a barrier thing to put around it to prevent any more damage.  It is not the most appealing to the eye, but hey at least I'll get to see my sprouts grow up.  I am also including the fruits and berries growing happily in the yard.  I picked the wild raspberries yesterday and they are delicious.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday :).
Barrier to keep the bunnies at bay

Bush Beans

Sweet Peas



Wild Raspberries


  1. Thanks for your comments, Sunduri! Your garden is looking fantastic - I'm so jealous of your fruit :) and WOOOHOOOO PROMOTION!

    Also, been meaning to comment on your theme week idea - I've always thought about posting a week's worth of outfits (something I haven't done yet) where each outfit incorporates one piece from the previous day. Let's do it sometime?

  2. i love the fun bright pink top. and your garden looks wonderful!

    cute & little
    Tru Luxe Jeans Giveaway

  3. oooh fruit! Congratulations on the good interview I hope you get the job and also congratulations of feeling confident with you body, to be honest I've never had to deal with clothes not fitting due to being petite because I'm tall but it's always been hard to find jeans that fit my rectangular body so I gave up on them a long time ago. =)

  4. I have the same trouble buying clothes. I'm a similar height to you and I have really small feet so everything is always too big. Your garden looks great. I love homegrown veges and fruit.

  5. Hey, we are almost the same size. :) I am 5'3" and about 105 pounds. I totally know what you mean about having trouble finding clothes!! I love how this outfit works on you.

    I'm inspired by your fruit and vegetable plants. I've been thinking of starting a container garden since my mom has been having great luck with the hanging vegetable planters. You are motivating me!

    Best of luck with the new job/promotion!! Hopefully they will both work out and you can take your pick! :)