Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Human Touch

On most days I consider myself to be a solitary person. Solitude seems to be essential in my ability to function. When people ask me to describe myself, I say that I am a modern day hermit, someone who doesn't really enjoy people. Humans, in general, are complicated, and too often unpleasant. Sometimes though, that same calming solitude, can be torture. It is a fine balance between serenity and loneliness.

This past weekend and today are fine examples of when the human touch can be nourishing to both the mind and soul. There are times when all of us need the company of friends and the appreciation of colleagues. We humans are social creatures after all. Interaction with other sentient beings is essential to our way of being.

The Mr. and I went to a potluck on Saturday where we spent several hours eating good food and having an engaging conversation with a physicist and former dancer (get your mind out of the gutter, she was not that kind of dancer). We talked about our families, the problems that ail our society, relationships, careers, but most of all we laughed. One cannot laugh and feel the full joy of that activity without the company of others. This brief moment was so perfect, I wish I could have bottled it up so I could bring it out in trying times. It never fails to amaze me how such pleasure can be had doing the simplest of activities.

Saturday Outfit to Potluck
Dress: Kohls
Purse: Wilsons Leather
Shoes: DSW
Necklace and Earrings: Made by me
Chickpea Dish Ingredients: Organic garbanzo beans, organic onions,organic potatoes, organic pasta sauce, Himalayan sea salt, Organic cayan pepper, Organic black pepper, grapeseed oil, Organic turmeric, allspice, curry  powder, organic ginger.
Riata (yogurt dish): Organic yogurt, organic cucumbers, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, organic cayan pepper, black
pepper, tamarind sauce

The perfection of that moment was followed by spending time with Maya on the beach the following day. My baby girl was unsure of the water at first, but with a little coaxing, she seemed to recognize its potential. She also thoroughly enjoyed chasing an inky black great dane that looked a bit like Marmaduke (albeit smaller). Needless to say, the weekend was pretty perfect. God, how I love having a dog. Hermits, it turns out, really enjoy pets.

Maya frolicking at the beach....

Enjoying the view
Splashing around

Making new friends

Playing with daddy

Posing with mommy

Finally, we come to today. I emailed my farewell note to everyone today. The response was overwhelming in a positive direction. I had no idea that so many people thought so highly of me, or would miss me for that matter. I always assumed no one noticed, it turns out I was wrong. No matter how awkward one is, or how reserved, we all want to be noticed. It is a shame we wait so long to tell people the things we think are great about them. Imagine what the world would be like if we spent half our time telling those we interact with everyday how their presence makes a difference in our lives. While I always say please and thank you, I don't tell people often enough how great they are. At this next job, I resolve to do this more. With those I care about, I resolve to do this half the time at minimum. After I tell people that I am a modern day hermit, I always point out, that hermits have hearts too. Ours are just more more prone to break than regular folks. So we have to spend a little more effort protecting them.

Outfit today.... 
100% Thrifted
Top: Urban Behavior
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: BCBG

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear


  1. I am somewhat of a hermit as well. I like spending time alone and would go insane if I didn't get any solitude. I like your dress. That chickpea dish looks delicious.

  2. You sound a LOT like me!! I love people, but I don't need constant socialization (and I'm more about quality than quantity). I love solitude and introspection. I wish some of my colleagues understood that better - the more I wish to be left alone to concentrate on my job, the more they try to "get me out of my shell." Ugh! I am actually reading a VERY good book on just that subject, called "The Introvert's Advantage: How to Survive in an Extroverted World." I don't normally go for self-help stuff, but this book goes into detail on why introverts are how they are and why they *cannot* (and should not) be changed.

    I'm glad you had fun on the weekend. You needed it after all of the work drama!! Congratulations on the new job. You are looking lovely - I especially adore the red & black skirt!! :)

  3. Very pretty skirt! You look lovely.

  4. These all-thrifted outfits that people are fashioning today for the EBEW challenge has me thinking I need to invest more time in my local thrift stores. You found amazing things and pulled together a lovely outfit. - Katy

  5. I never thought about that, what you said about company being necessary for us to really truly laugh. I think you're right!

    One thing I love about my job is that I daily hear people (mostly grown men) expressing their love for one another. It's because it's a social services environment, and the staff work together consistently to build a positive, uplifting community. When men join the program and stick with it, they join in on that too. It's wonderful.

    Great pics, and great thrift scores!