Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Art of Gift Giving

To give someone a gift is an art.  Gift giving, for it to be truly meaningful, requires thoughtfulness, planning, and good listening skills.  All three are necessary to truly find and give someone a gift that leaves their hearts touched.  I love gift giving.  It is one of my favorite hobbies.  If I had all the money in the world, I would spend the vast majority of my time looking for, purchasing, and giving gifts.  Unfortunately, my bank balance does not allow for this kind of generosity, so I limit my gift giving to the moments that really count.

One of those moments will be tomorrow when I say goodbye to my colleagues.  Among that group will be my boss and my work father.  Two individuals who have made the last two and half years incredibly productive for both my professional and private life.  Given their contribution to my development, a gift was warranted for each of this wonderful people.  I came home a little early to purchase the items I will be giving them (along with thank you cards of course).  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience this afternoon as I mulled through items to select that perfect gift.

For my work father I settled on a bottle of local Pennsylvania wine and a bar of organic dark chocolate.  The man loves food.  On one of our many get-to-know-you moments he shared a story with me about a taste bud experience that involved alcohol and chocolate.  We had recently tasted some local wine at a store, and low and behold, one of them paired very well with chocolate.  It was meant to be.  For my boss, the best boss I have every had in my 17 years in the work world, I bought a decorative glass plate that is painted with purple flowers (purple is her favorite color).  My boss has two sons and I figured she could use something pretty with all the testosterone that runs through her household.  I can't wait to give my gifts tomorrow.  I hope their hearts are touched, that is always my aim.  There is nothing like ending a professional relationship well. 

The gifts for my two favorite people at work:

For my work father

For my boss

This is what I wore yesterday, my outfit today was meh.

Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Earrings: Self made

Thrifters Anonymous


  1. I LOVE giving gifts!!! And whenever I have to give something to someone, I put a lot of thought & effort in it & try to make it as special as possible! :)

    Like your shoes!!! :))

    P.S.: Thanx for dropping by on my blog!

  2. I haven't given a gift in such a long time ... I used to love giving them while growing up ... used to put a lot effort into it as well ... no there are no gifts involved. I do shop for things which I think my family or friends would like but it isn't given as a gift ... just 'i was thinking of your present' :)

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