Friday, June 17, 2011

Interview Day

I had my interview today.  It went very well.  Everyone I met was incredibly nice and warm.  I did not feel exhausted, like I usually do after a job interview.  The whole process felt more like a conversation, instead of a grilling.  I was able ask all my questions with satisfactory results.  Hopefully the folks who interviewed me felt like it was a good use of their time.  Now comes the waiting game, if it doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to be.  I am not worried about that at all.  I wore my favorite suit to the interview.  I bought this suit at a department store more than six years ago.  Remarkably, it still fits (actually it is a little loose), and is still current.  I like how my body looks in this suit.  I might add that for a woman, it is incredibly difficult to find a suit that both fits well and looks good on your body. Well that has been my experience anyway.  Maya got up to investigate when I was taking this picture.  She never disrupts my picture taking, she is such a good girl.

Afterwards I went thrifting at the thrift store nearest my house.  It worked out to be a good haul.  I  got a pair of satin shoes (strangely, despite my large shoe collection, I did not own a pair of satin black shoes), a dress, a black top, and a linen summer suit for 12 dollars.  Can't beat that.  I love thrifting! :) Needless to say, it was  good day.  (Yes, I did check and respond to work email after my interview, despite taking the day off, I think I can officially declare myself a workaholic.)

Suit: Kasper
Shirt: Express
Shoes: Bondolini
August Silk
This dress was only $1.50! (And yes as the
name implies, it is silk)

Also $1.50.  It looks cuter on

Summer Suit: Tristen & Isuet
$5, Linen

Summer Suit: The skirt (ok, I confess, I bought this
because I liked the bottom part of the skirt)

Satin shoes

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  1. love what you wore to the interview here. nice pop of color! ggood luck!

    p.s. thanks for coming by my blog and commenting, i appreaciate it :)

    xo Nav