Thursday, June 9, 2011

It. Is. Hot.

It's been sweltering the past few days.  I haven't posted in awhile since things have been very hectic the past few  weeks and work is back to being crazy.  I went to Vegas for work, followed by a friend's wedding in Houston during the memorial day break.  Like every wedding I have had the privilege of attending, it was lovely.  I really enjoy going to weddings.  There is nothing like sharing a moment of such joy and importance in someone's life.  I always consider it an honor when someone invites me.  My friends are for the most part single, so I haven't  been to  many weddings.  During our Houston escape, we also did a quick stop in Galveston and San Antonio.  I met  a friend from grad school I haven't seen in six years in Galveston.  She brought her fella (he is sooo perfect for her), it was great catching up.

San Antonio is a charming, romantic, and unique city.  It's historic architecture, charming riverwalk, and there's the Alamo, make it a delightful place for a short vacation.  We strolled down the riverwalk (both during the  day and at night), took picture of the Alamo, and watched a show outside.   Much of the riverwalk was built during depression through the WPA program.  In some ways this city reminds of the cities in southern Europe.  It has the same feel.  The one negative is that the riverwalk has been a bit commercialized with all of the hotels with their generic tall buildings.  As that worsens, the city will lose much of it's charm and feel a bit like an amusement park.  Until that time, it is definitely worth visit (just go in  the winter time). 

Below are some pics of romantic San Antonio and my outfits during the trip.  On the second wedding day, I wore the sari and jewellery my mother in law gave me on  my wedding day, in memory of her passing. I know she would approve of the look.

Wedding Day 1, thrifted purse
Wedding Day 2, thrifted purse

Gotta have a cow girl hat in Texas.
The skirt is thrifted   

Riverwalk, San Antonio
Thank you WPA!

Outdoor show

Dancing under the moonlight
 (yes, there was singing)

A very old church

The Alamo

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