Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adventures in Organic Cooking

Well it is a new year and a new decade and I decided it was time to begin the year right by doing some good old fashioned cooking (given the dearth of this activity since Jan. 1). I am especially pleased with the antioxidant salad concoction that I just finished making (I did work from home today afterall, I can certainly spend half an hour making lunch for tomorrow). I came upon this recipe by asking myself: "self, with the limited ingredients available (we just had a snowstorm, I am not going to the grocery store), what combination would be both edible and nutritionally balanced?" The answer, as it turns out, are the following ingredients: red cabbage, carrots, apples, sea weed, pomegranate seeds, freshly gound black pepper, and sauteed tempeh (in coconut oil). Now you might ask, after reading this ingredient list, "Sunduri, the antioxidant power of your salad sounds superb, but how does it taste?"  My answer is this: If you are a meat lover, this may not be the dish for you. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you might want to consider it. If you are on a diet, well, no one should be on diets, since they don't work. If you are a health food nut, you may find this to be right up your alley. (I also doused the entire thing in copious amounts of olive and walnut oil as insurance.) The real answer will be determined tomorrow. Now, if you have been reading my entries for the last few months you are aware of my new found obsession with organic food.  So, yes, with the exception of the walnut oil (an ingredient that is very difficult to find organic as it turns out), pomegranate seeds, and the crushed pepper, all ingredients are organic.  With that, here are some pics of the lovely snowstorm that just passed the northeast.  Last night was magical, simply magical.

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