Friday, January 7, 2011

Professional Followed by Whimsical

I had a lovely day today.  Yesterday I had a client meeting and got home very late.  I accidently forgot my keys in the office and that started a chain of events that resulted me getting home very late.  By contrast, today was calm and uneventful.  I welcome days like this, since so much of my time at work seems to be working in an environment filled with chaos.  I have been a little blue lately.  Perhaps it is the cold I have that is taking awhile to subside, or perhaps it is the shorter days.  I'm not quite sure.  It is a new year and a new century, so I am trying to stay optimistic.  Yesterday, I wore a suit for the client meeting I attended.  The jacket and belt are from a Calven Klein suit and the pants are from Mandee.  I did cheat here b/c the pants are a new purchase.  My weight loss has really been putting me in a bind in the pants department.  None of my pants fit anymore, they are all very big.  I obviously could not attend a client meeting in ill fitted clothing.  You may have noticed that I have been wearing dresses alot.  This is a main reason for that.  Today I wore a strapless dress made by Lapis with a whimsical shirt underneath (from Target).  After such formal attire yesterday, it is nice to wear something that is a little bit more playful.  I enjoy the fairytale look this dress has.  It makes me feel that the world still holds possibility.

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