Monday, January 10, 2011

Deadline Week

Well, this is the week of deadlines.  I think I am in good shape to meet all of them (that is one of my resolutions), but we shall see.  We are due to have another snow storm tomorrow and Wednesday.  As a result I will be working from home.  Something I enjoy doing on occasion as it gives me a break from the commute.  I am going to keep this post short today since I went to bed very late last night and am a bit worn out.  On Friday, I wore jeans and a plain top, I was feeling the casual vibe.  Today, I tried to start the week off on a good note with this number:  The top is Eddie Bauer, the skirt is Due Pue Due, and the shoes are Ralph Lauren.  I like the color combo for today's outfit.

Friday                                                                   Today

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