Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost Friday - Day 38

Well it is almost Friday.  Yay!  I am working from home tomorrow (I have to get a dress fitted for a wedding I am going to) so that will be a nice break from my daily commute.    My adventure to Europe is also fast approaching, another exciting thing to look forward to.  I love formal events, so I can't wait for this wedding, it should be lovely.  I haven't been to very many weddings and with none of my single friends having plans to marry any time soon (this would be most of my friend circle), any opportunity is always welcome.  I love weddings of all types.  It is fascinating to me how no matter what religion or culture one is from, there seems to be a universal theme to marriage when it comes time for the rituals.  It is the ritual after all that makes any wedding unique and special.  I suppose I am a bit nostalgic since my own wedding was so many years ago.  I guess there is the vows renewal thing that we could do down the line.  Anyway, here is my outfit for today:  The shirt is Kate Scott, the skirt is Ann Taylor (thrifted), the sweater is Nicole Miller, and the shoes are Steve Madden.

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