Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pretty Pastels - Day 31

Thankfully, the week is finally coming to a close.  There was some happy news in the news today: all the miners trapped in Chile were rescued.  That was a wonderful begining to my morning.  Sometimes the news actually reports happy stories.  Since they are so rare, I suppose we should try to enjoy them, it certainly makes me feel like the world isn't going to hell afterall.  Anywho, the dreary, damp, and cold in the air (yes, it is raining again), inspired me to wear a lovely pastel pink today.  This pink looks like the shade that infant girl clothes come in.  I'll be honest, I bought the skirt because I liked the style, not so much for the color.  However, it is supposed to be a good thing to get out of our comfort zone (mine happens to be all things black) once in a while, right?  So with that here is my outfit for today: the shirt is WD NY, the sweater is from Kohls, the skirt is Ralph Lauren, and the shoes are Madden Girl.

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