Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Weekend of Fun - Day 47 and 48

I had a very fun weekend.  On Saturday, the hubs and I went to a wedding for a co-worker (his co-worker).  We had a lovely time.  The wedding was held in a small, older church that was filled with simple, but charming details like stained wood and stained glass.  The minister had everyone laughing, so the occasion had a aura of joy to it.  That evening we went out with friends to celebrate Halloween.  I felt like I was in my mid-twenties again!  There is something about coming home at 2 am, eating leftover pizza from the day before that brings back memories of those charming years.  Naturally, both the hubs and I went in costume.  We spent today recovering from last night and running errands.  I didn't take a picture of what I wore today, I'll be sure to do that tomorrow.  So here is what I wore yesterday:  the dress is JS collection (this is what I got altered, it is also thrifted), the purse is thrifted, the shawl was a gift, and the shoes are Aldo.  I bought the halloween costume at one of those Halloween stores (I was a bad fairy).

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