Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It Finally Feels Like Fall - Day 29

Well I got home at a decent time today (the sun was still out when I left work).  This week is quickly shaping up to be one full of chaos.  On a happier note, the fall color is in full swing now.  The drive both to work and back is just a feast for the eyes.  It was especially magical this morning since there was just a hint of fog in the distance.  I pass several horse farms on my way to work, so by the time I get to work my mood is already brightened all the pretty things I see on the way there.  On a domestic note, I feel inspired to cook tonight, so after my relaxing I think I will make two dishes instead of one.  Hopefully, both will turn out to be edible.  My outfit for today is one of my favorite everyday dresses.  If you haven't noticed by now, I am petite person with a short stature.  This is a challenging body shape to have when one shops for clothing in general, and dresses in particular.  So imagine my delight when I tried on this dress and it actually fit correctly!  So without further ado here is what I wore today:  the dress is Nine West and the shoes are Michael Kohrs.

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