Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Perfect Fall Day - Day 41

Today was a perfect fall day.  It was sunny, in the high sixties, and the color on the leaves are finally starting to show their brilliance.  We primarily stayed home today.  My mother is coming a few days early for our Eurpean adventure.  This means we have to get the house in order before she arrives.  There is much to do and the hubs decided to start the monumental task today.  I did my part by making coffee and organizing what I could.  In addition to house organizing, we also drove around to look at the lovely trees changing color in our area.  I live in a official "Tree City" according to the Arbor Day Foundation, so the fall and the spring are a real treat.  Below are a few pictures of the color change in my yard.


The first picture is of a maple tree that is in the front of my house facing the street.  This is a beautiful tree, full of character and age.  The second picture is of a plant that is growing on one of the bushes in the back of the house.  The color was just so pretty I had to take a picture.  This third picture is of a plant that is randomly growing in my yard.  I'm not sure what it is, but the fuschia color is just brilliant.  The picure below is of a tree we saw driving around.  It too is spectacular.

To fit the theme of the day, I decided to go for military green and brown.  The hubs felt that the top didn't really go with the skirt, but what does he know, right?  To be perfectly honest, I picked the top because it is the only one I have that is this particular shade of green.  So with that introduction, below is what I wore today:  I made the skirt, I don't remember where I got the top or shoes, and the leggings are Charlotte Russe.

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