Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunny Saturday - Day 40

Today was a stunner when it came to weather.  It was warm, sunny, and there was a crisp earthy scent of fall in the air.  We drove around to see the fall color in our area, which was lovely.  I am also gearing up for my trip, there is always so much to do before one goes on vacation.  The planning really helps build up the experience.  On another note, I love Facebook.  Though I am not especially active on it, this "social networking site" has allowed me to stay in touch with family overseas, reconnect with friends from my past, stay connected with friends who live far away (which is pretty much every close friend I have), and find my oldest, dearest, closest friend.  My closest friendship is with a lovely person from my childhood.  I have known her since I was five.  When I moved, we stayed in touch by writing each other letters about our lives (there was no e-mail in those days).  Then, around my freshman year of college, she disappeared from life.  I searched for her for years, but no luck.  Then two years ago, as if by some miracle, I found her on Facebook.  It has been such a comfort to have her back in my life.  There is something about friendships we make as children that are so different from the friendships we make as adults.  The friends from our early years are closer somehow and the bond of that friendship is much harder to break.  It is hard to describe, but one can feel the qualitative difference.  Perhaps it is the innocence of childhood that makes that relationship seem  more dear.  Well, enough of the nostalgia.  Here is my outfit for today:  the skirt is Old Navy, the T-shirt is from Target, the gray t-shirt is from Wal-mart, the leggings are from Charlotte Russe, and I don't remember where I got the shoes.

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