Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Only Tuesday :( - Day 43

I think the fall color is at it's peak this week.  All the trees seem to be some hue of orange or yellow on the way to work.  I was a good wife today and made 3 seperate cooked items (rice, red lentil soup, and green beans).  All turned out edible AND the hubs said they tasted good.  Success like this makes me almost want to try cooking something a little more gourmet (the key word here is almost).  There is only two more weeks of CSA left, which makes me kinda blue.  Today's post will be another short one.  I have work that I need to get from the office, yet again.  Just 2 more weeks and then I'll get a break from this craziness.  Anyway, here is my outfit for today:  the skirt is thrifted (brand is Axcess), the top is a.n.a, the belt is Ralph Lauren (thrifted), and the shoes are Hype.  As I list out these brands, I have to say some of the shoe brands have very strange names.

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