Friday, October 8, 2010

Indian Summer - Day 25

What a glorious day!  The weather was stunning: sunny, warm, with just a hint of a breeze.  Today was also CSA day, so naturally it ended well.  I absolutely appreciate those who do the job of picking our fruits and vegetables.  We have to pick certain kinds of produce (raspberries, cherry tomatoes, green beans, etc.) and it really is a calming experience at the end of the day.  Now, if one is doing this all day long in the hot sun, I imagine it is quite an unpleasant experience.  So to all those workers out there who pick our fruits and vegetables: THANK YOU.  Anyway, I can now wear one of my favorite khakis.  My closet seems to be the gift that keeps on giving lately.  Also, it is now late enough in the season that I can wear one of my favorite fabrics: velvet.  With that prelude here is my outfit for today: vest is Levi's, the tank top (yes it is velvet) is from New York & Company, the pants are American Eagle, and as usual, I can't remember where I got the shoes.

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